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Meet Mike Fix

Employee Spotlight

What’s a typical day like for Mike Fix, a 3D artist at Dart Frog?


Live Talent & CGI

Tech Spotlight

What’s at the core of Dart Frog’s new spot for Suncast? A deep team with broad capabilities.


Meet Landon Halzwarth

Employee Spotlight

Learn more about Landon and how he helps bring our client’s ideas to life at the link below.


Suncast Case Study

Project Spotlight

In their latest round of work for Suncast, Dart Frog proves that a solid process can take you anywhere—in this case, the great outdoors.

[Environment] - Indoor Beach Room Solaire.jpg

Saatva Case Study

Project Spotlight

The internet's premier luxury mattress and bedding brand.


Haworth Case Study

Project Spotlight

A family-owned office furniture manufacturer in business for over 70 years.

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