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The internet's premier luxury mattress and bedding brand.

[Environment] - Indoor Beach Room Solair

DFC helps bring a dream campaign to life.

The old-school way of purchasing a mattress involved awkwardly laying on one in a store while a pushy salesman impatiently stood there. It wasn't something that people necessarily looked forward to, and it definelty wasn't something that was frequently on people's mind. When Saatva launched in 2010, they revolutionized the industry with their online business model and no-pressure home trial. Still, Saatva wasn't a name that consumers typically heard until they were actively looking for a mattress. It was time for that change. 

The Business Challenge:

Making memorable content that brought out the unique qualities of Saatva and broke through the clutter of a overstuffed mattress market.

[Sweep] - Solaire CLOSE.jpg
[Sweep] - Solaire EXPLODED V1.jpg
[Sweep] - Classic Innerspring CUT.jpg

The Technical Challenge:

Creating multiple fantastic environments and renderings that seamlessly meshed with live talent and video production.


The Solve

Not only did this project require technical expertise, but a willingness to go all-in for a client. For a project of this scale, that meant clear and consistent communication. Whether through bi-weekly Zoom calls or a shared Slack channel, DFC artists and project managers were constantly communicating with creative teams, making adjustments as needed and ensuring that we brought the art direction correctly to life.


The Process:

The Saatva creative team presented us with art direction featuring their mattresses in fantastical environments.


From there, we created over 100 still renderings of different rooms–from different angles, sizes, perspectives–that could be used for banner and social ads. 


Then, the process of turning the stills and animations we created into commercials with live talent began. Along with Saatva, we worked directly with a third-party video production team to mesh their video, live talent, and lighting with our animations

"They [DFC] saw that connecting the artist rendering the work directly with the special effects editor was probably the best way to go about it, and they just jumped right into that."

Jordan, Saatva Project Manager

"They’ve been on time. The quality has been great. Our team tends to make a lot of changes and Dart Frog has been really great about turning things around quickly."

David, Saatva CD


4.5 Million Views

Saatva can rest easy knowing that their brand name is gaining recognition. The three commercials have garnered over 4.5 million views on YouTube in a few short months.

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