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Haworth Inc.


Holland, MI


2.3 billion 


A family-owned office furniture manufacturer in business for over 70 years.



Dart Frog Brings Full-Service Creative to Furniture Industry and Beyond

Haworth approached Dart Frog Creative with the task of bringing two distinct furniture collections to life. Each collection had a unique story that needed to be told and it was evident that they would need more than just animations and renderings. That’s where Dart Frogs’ full-service offerings came into play.

Dart Frog and Their Partners Provided:

  • Mood Boards

  • Story Boards

  • Script Writing

  • Voice Over

  • Animations

  • Renderings​​

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“Our clients don’t have to work with multiple companies to complete a project. We have partnerships that help us craft a cohesive piece from start to finish, and the vision is clearer because everything goes through us.”


- Dan Bockheim, DFC President



Two Unique Problems to Solve For:


As a brand new line, it would have cost Haworth thousands of dollars to build the large-scale sets and ancillary furniture needed to give Pergola a proper introduction. So instead, Dart Frog artists worked with Haworth’s interior space planners to create the exact floorplans and layouts that they wanted in 3D for a fraction of the cost.


The furniture designer behind Lyda set out to create a sofa collection that reflected the way people live and work today. This same story needed to flow throughout all of the pieces that Dart Frog created. The animations and renderings showed the fashion and functionality of Lyda in an exciting, interactive, and attention-grabbing way. By creating in 3D, Dart Frog could think outside the traditional office setting and interject energy through new abstract worlds.

“When you have the creative capabilities that we do, it gives us more freedom to use unique styles, transitions, and techniques that make the end result stand out.”


- Andrew Tejeda, DFC Artist


The Logistical Challenges

Some of the biggest challenges these large-scale projects face are the number of people involved, the different levels of approval needed, and opinions to work around. To counteract those barriers, Dart Frog went on the offensive, proactively sharing updates to ensure the projects were moving along.

Sending numerous options for each deliverable (different camera angles, transitions, etc.) allowed them to really dial in on the specifics of the story being told and eliminated the amount of back-and-forth needed.





In addition, through “Dailies,” a snip-bit of work was shared with Haworth each day, allowing them to provide immediate feedback. Dart Frog also hosted a live working session which ensured that all departments were on the same page, eliminating confusion and crossed wires down the road.



The Creative Process

Pergola and Lyda may have been two separate projects with unique goals, challenges, and outcomes, but they were accomplished by following the same creative process. By taking a stage-by-stage approach, we are able to give each project direction and move it forward while keeping all parties on the same page.

Concept  >  Script  >  Storyboards  >  Animatics  >  VO & Sound  >  Final Render

“There are a lot of animation studios that are great at taking direction...we’re great at both steering and executing that direction.” 

- Dan Bockheim, DFC President

In Conclusion

These two projects took different techniques and skillsets to complete, but both show the breadth of work that is possible when an animation studio has greater creative capacity. Pergola and Lyda were about more than just eye-catching visuals. To stand out among the noise, each needed to tell a cohesive story, and with Dart Frog involved in all the layers of creative, they did.

The Results: Pergola - Best of NeoCon 2021, Silver

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