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Illinois, USA


In their latest round of work for Suncast, Dart Frog proves that a solid process can take you anywhere—in this case, the great outdoors.

Dart Frog Creative Gets In Touch with the Outdoors

Over the years, Dart Frog has solidified itself as a leading rendering and animation studio for many indoor-related industries. Now, they’re proving that a process can create exceptional pieces in any virtual environment.

Suncast may be an industry leader in outdoor storage, but its reach goes far beyond that. Their high-quality resin products range from hose reels to outdoor furniture to snow tools.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 2.27.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 2.26.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 2.25.37 PM.png

Each product is purposefully and thoughtfully designed, and if there is an unmet need in the market, Suncast has the flexibility and means to fill that void.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 2.42.45 PM.png

The Ask: Creating Signature Pieces

Suncast established itself in the marketplace long ago, but that doesn’t mean that they shy away from making a splash. To show off one of their signature storage solutions, they needed more unique visuals. Dart Frog came in to help elevate their brand by delivering the total package: storytelling, art direction, visual effects, and high-quality animation.

(But more on that later.) 


The results are more realistic visual pieces with a higher-end design that bring the product out of a typical suburban setting to show the full breadth of its capabilities. Instead of just displaying the product, the animations show how the product can fit into the customer’s lifestyle.

"The hardest part of this whole project was choosing the final animation. All of the options were great."

Anna, Suncast Marketing Director

Shed 1 final.jpg

The Process: Collaborative & Effortless

At Dart Frog, we have a process, and we stick to it. Each project has its variations, but overall, we work through each story, challenge, and obstacle the same way—because it works. For this project, the main challenge came from internal changes to the product's design while we were making the animations. Through clear communication and weekly check-ins, we ensured that the changes were incorporated without interrupting the creative process we had in place. 

"Working with Dart Frog was effortless. The process was so smooth that it almost felt like there wasn’t one."

Anna, Suncast Marketing Director

Suncast’s signature animations ran through our tried and true process. This ensures that it’s not just visuals we create but a story. By coordinating all of the different creative facets ourselves, greater collaboration and capabilities are available to our clients.

Concept  >  Script  >  Storyboards  >  Animatics  >  VO & Sound  >  Final Render

"Dart Frog has different layers of artists. It’s not just one person who is trying to bring something to life, but a team that contributes their different ideas and talents."

Saman, DFC CCO

Rendering + Animation Perfection

Dart Frog

We create custom visual content that inspires, excites and is worthy of carrying our client’s brand names.

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