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Meet Mike, a 3D artist
here at Dart Frog.

When he’s not being a jack of all trades for Dart Frog, you’ll most likely find him doing something active—playing softball, hitting the links, or chasing his three young kids around. Read more about Mike and his role at Dart Frog below.

How did you get into 3D design?

I come from a creative family—my mom was an art teacher, and both my sisters have gone down artistic paths as well. I’ve always enjoyed creating and building things—architecture was one thing that really grabbed my attention from early on. I took one 3D class in college and I was hooked. Now, I get to build things in the virtual world.

How long have you been with Dart Frog?

After racking up a couple of degrees from GRCC and Ferris State University, I began an internship with Dart Frog and have been with them ever since—going on nine years now.


What are some of your daily responsibilities?

A regular day consists of checking our proofing software (ProofHQ) to see if the clients have added comments or critiques on a current project. Then, I’ll make those changes and update the clients. If I’m starting a new project, I'll find (or receive from clients) inspiration references, then model the scene in 3D, create realistic materials and lighting, and design an engaging composition. I also work on non-typical projects like configurator pipelines, compositing 3D renderings into existing photos, and photo retouching. I am usually hanging out in Discord with my co-workers, too, where we collaborate and chat.


What motivates you?

The technology we work with is constantly changing, but that also means there are endless opportunities to grow and learn and become a better artist.


What are three words you’d use to describe Dart Frog?

Fun, Challenging, Rewarding.

What makes Dart Frog different from other rendering companies?

I’ve only ever worked at Dart Frog, but there’s a reason I’ve stayed. There is a passion for the work that runs through this company. We work hard, but we all truly enjoy what we do, which checks boxes on both a personal and professional level—I don’t think you can find that at many other places.

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